On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 09:52:04AM +0100, Ondrej Valousek wrote:
>  You need to send SIGHUP to the deamon to force rereading of a map. When
>  I was working on the autofs/sssd integration effort, we spoke briefly
>  with Ian about possibilities of better ways to reread a map, but nothing
>  has surfaced yet.
>    I do not have such an experience. For me, there is no need to restart
>    autofs to make it aware of the new automount key. But I am using indirect
>    maps only.

Right, currently this affects direct maps only. With SSSD integration,
there's one extra glitch that if automounter starts before SSSD does,
the automounter only gets "Connection refused" from the sss module and
does not retry reading the maps.

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