On 13/03/2012 14:26, Simo Sorce wrote:

Sorry Dimitris, unfortunately this is currently a limitation with our
webUI, password changes on password expiration do not work through the
webUI, and that's the default state when you create and give a first
password to new users.


Although this also is a problem (in my book), I've learned to live with it and that's why I try to
1) set a default initial password as admin
2) change it myself by logging through the console as the user
3) give the 2nd temporary password to the user.
However, people still can not change to a new password through the web UI.

The process I use on the 2nd step is to ssh into another server as the user and do the password change there.

Also, Dmitri Pal mentioned
Do you set the password for the user after you create user account using
ipa passwd command?
I also tried this.
> kinit admin
> ipa passwd testuser
[temp pass #1]
> kinit testuser
> ipa passwd
[temp pass #2]

but the user still can not reset his password through the web UI.

Dimitris Tsompanidis
System administrator at ComeOn!

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