Hey all;
I preparing to use IPA as the Directory Server for my RHEV installation. 
Formerly in RHEV, you could change users passwords using the RHEV User Portal 
itself. With RHEV 3.0, this is no longer posssible. Instead, users need to be 
able to change their password using the IPA Web Administration Portal. I've set 
it up so that the IPA portal can be accessed using username and password rather 
than a Kerberos ticket. I've set all the users passwords to a default value. 

I'd like them to be able to log on to the IPA web UI, update only their own 
password (and other details about themselves), and carry on. 

Therefore, I don't want to give them admin roles, but some lesser, possibly 
custom role. 

Is this possible?

Tim Hildred
Content Author - Engineering Content Services, Red Hat, Inc.
Brisbane, Australia
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