Petr Spacek wrote:

On 04/03/2012 02:58 AM, Steven Jones wrote:


XML Parsing Error: undefined entity

Line Number 59, Column 12:<title>&certerror.pagetitle;</title>


Firefox works to localhost on the IPA server's console but not from my

It is very strange error. I suspect Firefox installation on your
workstation. It's possible to open any other site with invalid/untrusted
certificate? Is error message properly shown in that case?

Please try to reinstall your firefox package.

I agree about reinstalling, this is a very strange response from Firefox. If I understand this correctly this is Firefox trying to tell you it has connected to an SSL site (IPA) signed by an untrusted CA. It wants to display to the user the scary Untrusted Certificate Authority page but it is blowing up due to this XML parsing error.

Something else to try might be a new profile (firefox -P).


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