Steven Jones wrote:

and how do I make more admin level accounts?

I made one that looks identical to admin, but I cant get a login with it....


Figured it out, the problem is with forcing a password change on first 
use.....until you login with kinit and re-set your password you cannot login, 
so what really needs to happen is a dialogue box pops up asking you to change 
your password....or at least a pop up telling you to go elsewhere and do it, 
rather than silently failing.

Did you enable KrbMethodK5Passwd? The browser does not provide a facility for changing passwords using Basic or any authentication that I'm aware of.

As far as IPA is concerned the user provided invalid credentials, that's all. It doesn't get the details of why. That is handled by mod_auth_kerb.

To log out of a browser using 2.1.x you need to kdestroy and kinit again on the local system. If you've authenticated using basic auth the only way to "log out" is to restart the browser.


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