I've been using FreeIPA for a couple of years (Upgraded/Migrated from
FreeIPA 1). The servers are in various states (Some upgraded from
Fedora 10/11 through each release, some fresh installs of Fedora
15/16). I've also had to add/remove replicas many times - and run into
problems installing which required some manual intervention.

I'm convinced that my LDAP directories contain lots of cruft which has
built up and is causing problems on my system. There may even be some
corruption since there's an entry which I'm unable to remove - this
entry does not get replicated to the other servers. I also see
inconsistent replication states on the servers. i.e. server1 shows
that it's replicating with server2 but server2 does not show that it's
replicating with server1.

Is there some way that I can refresh/clean my LDAP directories and
ensure that everything's running correctly.



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