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I've got an ipa server setup on RHEL6.  I have a Fedora 16 client,
which i joined to the IPA domain using the ipa-client-install utility.

When i attempt to authenticate to my ipa server's web admin portal, i
get a generic error:
Your kerberos ticket is no longer valid.
And it goes on to tell me to configure my browser if this is my first
time accessing.  I've done so, and the error remains.  It also tells
me to re-run kinit if i havent done so aleady, which i've also done.

Kinit returns no errors.  I've tried authing as my user (which is in
the admin group) and as the admin user.  Both give me the same result.

While googling for the error, i found some helpful information about
enabling debug logging both on the ipa server, and my browser
(firefox).  Doing so, i found the following errors:

On the server:
[Thu Apr 19 16:56:02 2012] [debug] src/mod_auth_kerb.c(1578): [client
xx.xx.xx.xx] kerb_authenticate_user entered with user (NULL) and
auth_type Kerberos, referer: https://(my.ipa.server)/ipa/ui/

And from my browser:
- -1713670336[7fd299b24590]: nsHttpNegotiateAuth::ChallengeReceived URI

These have shed little to no light on the situation, other than, it
sounds like something is getting blocked.

I was able to join this same client to a different IPA domain (a non
production version of this same domain), which worked properly.  I
used the ipa-client-install --uninstall command to clean up ipa before
re-joining this system to the production ipa domain.  I also rebooted
for good measure.

One major difference between the two domains is that the IPA server
for dev lives on a much more open network.  Our development network,
and the production ipa domain lives on a production auth network,
which is much more locked down.  I believe i have all of the proper
ports open.

nmap scans give me the following for tcp and udp.

22/tcp  open  ssh
80/tcp  open  http
88/tcp  open  kerberos-sec
389/tcp open  ldap
443/tcp open  https
464/tcp open  kpasswd5
636/tcp open  ldapssl

123/udp open     ntp

Any direction here would be most useful.  Thanks!

Are you going through a proxy? They often times mess up Negotiate headers. I've never seen a URI blocked error in the browser.

The (NULL) user is expected. The first request comes in with no authentication from the browser and this is the server asking "who are you?" The next request should include the authentication header.


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