Hi folks,

 We have quite a bunch of netgroups which are hosted on openldap server 
presently, and now it is time to migrate them into freeIPA. The NIS triples are 
in the format:

 (-, username, - ) 


 (hostname001, - , - )

And these openldap netgroups are used for variable purposes, host listing for 
ssh/gssh, access control, sudoers, etc.

So after user accounts and groups are migrated, netgroups needs to be migrated 
too for openldap/IPA migration/cutover. There is no Redhat documents on this 
part though. Has any one tried netgroup migration before?  Or we have to input 
by hand into IPA (host, hostgroup, user-group) and replace netgroup with 
hostgroup(which will create respective netgroups in the background), and 
replace NIS user groups and real posix user groups?

Please advice. Thanks a lot.

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