> Currently, there is no disaster recovery or backup information. There are a 
> couple of RFEs open to develop this information. My understanding (and this 
> is something that 
> Dmitri or one of the
    engineers can explain better) is that the best thing to do is to
    back up the DS instances using db2ldif and then spin up a new
    server/replica instance and 
> import the backed up data using ldif2db.

Thanks for pointing out a way to do partial backup/restore.

But the command db2ldif, or its sibling command ldif2db can not be located on 
IPA master/replica. The IPA servers only install 389-ds-base and 
389-ds-base-libs RPMs. and the two commands doesn't show up anywhere. 

Could anyone elaborate how to use the two template commands, or please point me 
to the document or http link(s) is enough. Thanks a lot.

[root@ipamaster script-templates]# rpm -qa | grep 389

[root@ipamaster script-templates]# rpm -ql 389-ds-base 389-ds-base-libs | grep 
-P 'db2ldif|ldif2db'
[root@ipamaster script-templates]# 

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