On 05/09/2012 03:52 AM, Stephen Ingram wrote:
Perhaps this is already corrected in 2.2.0, but I'm currently using
2.1.3 and when using a long hostname (like amazon ec2 names
ec2-50-xx-xxx-xxx.us-1-east.compute.amazonaws.com), once you click on
the hostname in the Identity/Hosts tab, you can no longer return to
the hosts listing because the hostname is so long that it somehow
overwrites the "hosts" breadcrumb link. Is there a way around this
without just removing some of the URL in the location bar and hitting


Yes, it's corrected in 2.2.

To work with the problem in older versions I would suggest one of following methods:

1) create a bookmark to search page - probably good only if you hit the problem in one page. The url for hosts is: https://test.example.com/ipa/ui/#identity=host&navigation=identity&host-facet=search

2) personally I would edit the URL - it's fast if you know how it should look.

3) in browser JavaScript console execute:
IPA.nav.show_page('host', 'search')
Note: the params are: entity name, page name, primary key.

Petr Vobornik

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