On Fri, 2012-05-11 at 13:16 +0200, pasqual milvaques wrote:

> root : DEBUG Init ldap with: ldap://freeipaserver.linux.gva.es:389
> root : ERROR LDAP Error: Connect error: A TLS packet with unexpected 
> length was received.
> Failed to verify that freeipaserver.linux.gva.es is an IPA Server.
> This may mean that the remote server is not up or is not reachable
> due to network or firewall settings.

This error about the unexpected length can occur if your /etc/hosts file
lists the short version of the hostname before the long version, e.g. freeipaserver freeipaserver.linux.gva.es

You want it to be: freeipaserver.linux.gva.es freeipaserver

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