Sayid Munawar wrote:

I've setup a VM which is Fedora 17 BETA, then install freeipa 2.2.0 by
enabling fedora-update-testing repo first.

but "ipa-server-install --no-ntp --setup-dns" failed with last progress
line: "Applying LDAP updates"

last debug lines:

ipa         : DEBUG    cn: Write IPA Configuration
ipa         : DEBUG    description: Write IPA Configuration

<<---- it hangs here, no more response whatsoever

Any clue what is causing this ? anyone has successfully installed
freeipa 2.2.0 on F17 BETA ?

Thank you

Sayid Munawar

There is a problem with the current build of 389-ds-base in F-17. Try doing a yum downgrade 389-ds-base until you get


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