On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 09:01:34AM +0200, Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote:
> We have two datacenters, site-A and site-B, and would like to server the
> users' home directories from a local NFS-server at each location to avoid
> cross site mounts. Is this something the automount maps in IPA can help
> us with ?
> Or do we need to do tricks like having the users' home directory under
> /Home/$username and symlink /Home -> /srv/site-A/ on site-A and vice
> versa ?

IPA has a concept of automount locations. See ipa help automount for
more info..here is a basic example, cut-n-pasted from a test setup
of mine, except for obfuscated host names. This setup creates two locations
exporting the same tree /share/mirror from different servers:

ipa automountlocation-add Brno
ipa automountmap-add Brno auto.share
ipa automountkey-add Brno auto.master --key=/share --info=auto.share
ipa automountkey-add Brno auto.share --key=mirror 

ipa automountlocation-add Boston
ipa automountmap-add Boston auto.share
ipa automountkey-add Boston auto.master --key=/share --info=auto.share
ipa automountkey-add Boston auto.share --key=mirror 

That should also work with the username wildcard, if not, it's a bug.

On the client, set the search base to the respective location:
...or, for clients in Boston:

If you're using the SSSD to fetch autofs maps, all you need to set on
the client is ipa_automount_location = Brno (or Boston) and set "sss" as
the autofs map source in nsswitch.

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