Hi Rich, Rob and all,

 I'm trying to test the IPA replica restoration solutions, with a daily IPA 
replica backup, following your steps in another email.  But I got interrupted 
by another problem popped up. The problem is here: (all IPA masters are 
replicas are 2.1.3 on redhat 6.2).

 The same setup is tested: A is the master, B, C, D are replicas.  A works as a 
HUB, and B,C,D are replicated with A directly and only.

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The setup procedure is as the following:

1, Install A and restart IPA services (ipactl restart)
2, create replicas information files for B, C, D.
3, install replica B.
4, install replica C.
5, Install replica D.

At here run 'ipa-replica-manage list' on A, B, C, D separately and we found the 
following odd results:

1, on Master A:
see all A, B, C, D

 2, on replica B: (the first installed replica)
see only A, B

3, on replica C: (the second installed replica)
see only A, B, C

4, on the replica D: (the last installed replica)
see all A, B, C, D
 wait for 10 minutes and check again still no change;  restart IPA services on 
A, B, C, D still see no changes; reboot all A, B, C, D still see no changes. 
Though the 'ipa-csreplica-mange list' command shows ALL A,B,C,D servers on all 
A,B,C,D servers.

 And so the command 'ipa-manage-list D' on replicas C reports that 'D is not in 
the public server list.'

The setup and testing environment takes no more than one hour to duplicate.  


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