Chris Evich wrote:

Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I noticed that the documentation link for 2.0 goes to
which is for version 2.1.3.

Ok, I'll take a look. We should probably change the name of the link, at one time it pointed to the 2.0 docs.

Freeipa 2.1.x is also what you get with Fedora 16, however the fedora 16
docs at
show the version as 2.2 and as I've learned (the hard way) there are new
features not supported in 2.1 :D

Are there plans to rebase FreeIPA to 2.2 in Fedora 16?

No. It can be possible to run a 2.2 server on F-16 but there are some things missing.

If not, then should I open a bug to fix up the Fedora 16 FreeIPA docs to
point at the version which actually ships with it?

That would be great, thanks.


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