I can not reproduce this issue.  This is what I've done using just 389 DS:

[1] Create two instances:  master and dedicated consumer
[2] Setup replication and initialize consumer
[3] Create 4 users on the master: a, b, c, d
[4] do a "db2ldif -r" on the consumer
[5] On master: delete 'c'
[6] On consumer: delete 'd'
[7] do a ldif2db on consumer -> now the consumer has entries: a,b,c,d
[8] Either wait a few minutes, or update entry 'a' on master.
[9] Both master and consumer have entries: a, b

This was in a test environment, and there was no replication load. I've tried both (db2ldif/db2ldif.pl & ldif2db/ldif2db.pl)

Am I missing any steps?  What version of DS were you using?


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