I am trying to add a user to IPA and have been getting into some issues.  
Basically, I run this command:  ipa user-add username 
  I put in the first and last name (works fine), however, I then get this error 
message displayed:  ipa: ERROR: Operations error: Allocation of a new value for 
range cn=posix ids,cn=distributed numeric assignment 
plugin,cn=plugins,cn=config failed! Unable to proceed.

Looking into my error logs, I see this:[30/May/2012:13:27:52 -0400] dna-plugin 
- dna_get_next_value: no more values available!![30/May/2012:13:52:07 -0400] 
dna-plugin - dna_get_next_value: no more values available!!

This is also my LDAP structure and settings:cn=Posix IDs,cn=Distributed Numeric 
Assignment Plugin,cn=plugins,cn=config

dnafilter: (|(objectclass=posixAccount)(objectClass=posixGroup))
dnamagicregen: 999
dnamaxvalue: 1100
dnanextvalue: 1101
dnascope: dc=ecg,dc=mit,dc=edu
dnasharedcfgdn: cn=posix-ids,cn=dna,cn=ipa,cn=etc,dc=ecg,dc=mit,dc=edu
dnathreshold: 500
dnatype: gidNumber
dnatype: uidNumber

Do I need to increase the dnamaxvalue in order to add in a user?  Or is there 
another solution to this?
Thanks - any help would be appreciated!
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