On 06/05/2012 12:51 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Tue, 05 Jun 2012, Willem Bos wrote:
Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, the server on which the external IM environment is hosted does not
have the ipa utils available. As a matter of fact, the server might
even be
hosted off-site. We're just beginning to explore IM solutions for our
environment and the most likely architecture is a 'meta-IM' service that
provisions platform specific IM's like AD, Oracle's Internet Directory
IPA. It will probably be a requirement that the meta-IM is to
provision IPA
directly (instead of Meta-IM -> AD -> IPA).

The JASON interface looks promising, I will certainly try the example
provided. Would user_add be the suitable command to use? It's the obvious
candidate, but I just want to make sure...
Yes, user_add is the command.

Also note that the RPC calls use LDAP attribute names, which are often different from the CLI parameters. You can use the show-mappings command to figure out the names to use:

$ ipa show-mappings user-add
Parameter   : LDAP attribute
=========   : ==============
first       : givenname
last        : sn
cn          : cn
displayname : displayname
initials    : initials
homedir     : homedirectory
gecos       : gecos
shell       : loginshell
principal   : krbprincipalname
email       : mail
random      : random
uid         : uidnumber
gidnumber   : gidnumber
street      : street
city        : l
state       : st
postalcode  : postalcode
phone       : telephonenumber
mobile      : mobile
pager       : pager
fax         : facsimiletelephonenumber
orgunit     : ou
title       : title
manager     : manager
carlicense  : carlicense
sshpubkey   : ipasshpubkey
noprivate   : noprivate

Be careful as there currently are no warnings if you misspell an argument (we're working on that).


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