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Ok.  The current theory is that the memory growth is caused by the
of entries being added to and removed from the entry cache.  It's
not yet known why this growth is
seen.  It could be just that the memory is getting fragmented, or
there is a real yet undetected
memory leak. That's why entry cache sizing and monitoring is very
important, to see
if you are churning entries in/out of the cache, and if that is
correlated with the memory growth.

This memory issue is still occuring in the production environment
after increasing the max entry
cache size to 256MB, and it is impacting performance. See below for
an output of the memory usage
and the current size and hitratio of the cache on the 3 production
IPA servers.

How do you suggest moving forward to troubleshoot this issue?

Are you seeing https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/386 ?

I don't think so. The cache numbers described in this ticket is much higher than my cache numbers.

I've set the maxentrycachesize to 256MB, and each IPA server has 8GB of memory. There should not have been a consumption of more than 1,8GB with the 7 * cachememsize as described in the ticket.

Beside I don't know where the heavy modify levels would come from. About 100 new users we're moved to IPA last week, all having their passwords changed, the accounts themselves already existed. But is that considered a heavy LDAP modify level?

There seem to be a memory leak somewhere. How would you recommend moving forward?


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