On 06/06/2012 12:38 AM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 06/05/2012 06:31 PM, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:
Could the Kerberos issue have anything to do with the sssd_be process
crashing at the exact time you are restarting IPA?

I have seen the same issue, twice, but it got sorted after running
"ipactl restart" a second time. Never really figured out what
happened, except I noticed sssd_be crashing at the exact time I
restarted IPA the first time.

We would be glad to resolve the issues if we had sufficient information
to troubleshoot.
If you have a good set of logs and config files and hopefully a
reproducer please do not hesitate to log a bug or ticket.
We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with IPA and hope
that you will continue working with us to make the project work better.


Thanks Dmitri. I do open bug requests when I find re-producible issues, however I was not sure where to start with the KDC issue as I've not been able to find a way to consistently re-produce it. :)


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