On Sat, 2012-06-09 at 14:12 +0200, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a supported method for converting a posix user group to a 
> non-posix user group?
> Regards,
> Siggi

I am not aware of any supported method. This step is more tricky than
making a non-posix group a posix one, because you could break for
example some existing file ownerships for such group.

But if you really want to make a posix group non-posix you could run
this group-mod command:

# ipa group-show posix
  Group name: posix
  Description: foo
  GID: 1994800003

# ipa group-mod posix --delattr=objectclass=posixgroup
Modified group "posix"
  Group name: posix
  Description: foo


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