Steven Jones wrote:

Seems the un-install option for ipa-server hangs at un-configuring/stopping the 
web server every time....the result is the master thinks it has a replication 
agreement but the replica doesnt......its then not possible to re-add the 
replica to the master....its starts to work but fails when it tries to sync the 
data...that bit doesnt seem to occur..

Can you investigate where it hangs? What is the last bit in the log? Is it that /sbin/service isn't returning? strace might be helpful.

Now the assumption seems to be the dirsrv on the server being removed is 
effect you can only un-install if the system is working...which isnt why you want to 
--uninstall. DSo if you lose a server and it has no dirsrv you cannot remove it from the 
master's "memory" so a bare metal restore cannot be added....

If a box goes away then you can remove references on the master it connected with using:

ipa-replica-manage del <replica-now-gone> --force
ipa host-del <replica-now-gone>

Simple solution there needs to be a script or procedure that cleans the master 

The solution is to figure out why your server is hanging. Nobody has ever reported seeing this before.


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