Installing the original master should be nothing more than that command.

With some flags though maybe so my command was,

ipa-server-install -a secret123 -p 123Secret -domain=unix.vuw.ac.nz 
-realm=UNIX.VUW.AC.NZ --setup-dns –forwarder= 
–forwarder= --no-reverse –selfsign

So my master DNS zone is a Microsoft AD as vuw.ac.nz with 2 DNS servers hence 
forwarder twice.  The MS AD servers treat unix.vuw.ac.nz as a stub zone 
delegation....they retain the ptr zone hence --no-reverse....so I have to add 
that manually.

check the rpm versions of the server and client.......they should be identical.

"is not an IPA v2 Server"

Just double check you have not made a typo......I put in "vyw" and not "vuw" 
while doing the client install and got that............the other possibility is 
iptables....or a firewall blocking......Ive had that same error and found it 
was the cisco FWSM.....


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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Subject: [Freeipa-users] ipa installation problem

Hello all,
While waiting for more suggestions on my thread "is not an IPA v2 Server", I 
tried to install ipa server on other machines running fc16 and fc15.
When server is on fc16, I get the same error as when it's on fc17, wget failed: 
No route to host.
when server is on fc15, wget still failed, but the reason was "Connection 
Seems to me there's something else to do after running ipa-server-install on 
the server.
Any suggestions?

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