> Only one nss database may be opened at a time. mod_nss should probably error
> out if multiple are defined to prevent confusion.
> I'd think a nickname should be unique to a given VirtualServer. If not then
> it's a bug.

That makes sense - and yeah it should probably error out rather than
just open the last without notice.

Pretty sure the NSSNickname issue is a bug - but at this time not sure
where that lies exactly given that mod_nss doesn't claim SNI support
currently anyway....

I'm going to let this lie for now to get on with other bits and will
probably pick it up again in a weke or so to dig a little deeper (ie
use multiple IPs and compare behaviour versus on a single IP etc)...

If I can find anything relevant I'll open appropriate tickets with the
appropriate parties then.

For now (and in the context of this thread) I'll not mention mod_nss
and leave the wiki page as is.


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