Joe Linoff wrote:

This is a best practices question. I am really impressed with FreeIPA
and I want to make sure that I follow the recommended usage paradigms.

What is the best way to do a ldapsearch operation on a FreeIPA client?

One approach would be to install LDAP utilities on the client and run

Another approach might be to install the ipa-admintools package on the

Since all I want to do is a simple query (like “ipa user-find” on the
ipa-server), I wasn’t sure whether the ipa-admintools made sense.

Your best bet is to use the ipa-admintools package. This way you don't have to work about the LDAP internals. If you have some need for something the tools can't provide you can always fall back to using ldapsearch.

You probably don't to install this on every client.


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