Hello all,

After the server and the client are installed, I run

ipa user-add myname

to add users. The users are added successfully, but each user get his own GID, 
which is the same as his UID, even though "ipa config-show --all" shows

  Default users group: ipausers

How do I put all new users to this ipausers group? If I use --gidnumber=INT, 
how to find out the GID of the ipausers group?

I tried to delete a user using "ipa user-del myname", but the private group 
myname is left there. So I did the following:

# ipa group-del myname
ipa: ERROR: Deleting a managed group is not allowed. It must be detached first.
# ipa group-detach myname
ipa: ERROR: myname: group not found

# ipa user-add myname
First name: myfirstname
Last name: mylastname
ipa: ERROR: Unable to create private group. A group 'myname' already exists.

How do I get out of this loop?

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