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Hi everybody,

Is it possible to have a procedure to add new attributes like
mailAlternateAddress in the default user schema ?

That particular attribute is included in the schema
(objectclass=mailRecipient) so it is easy to add using the ipa
user-mod --addattr command. I then followed Adam Young's instructions
to change the interface such that we could view/edit the new
in the UI:

1. Edit the /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipalib/plugins/
include the new field
2. Add an entry to /usr/share/ipa/ui/user.js for the new value
3. Don't forget to restart httpd and refresh your browser cache to
pick up the new fields

We needed that instead of using the multi-valued mail attribute
because there are circumstances where we need to differentiate
the "master" email address and aliases. It's easy to add though and
works great. I certainly wouldn't want to be in the position of
lots of attributes not already included in IPA, but a one or two-off
seems pretty reasonable to manage.

I don't know if it's still in the I'm sure *very* future plans for
IPA, but I remember seeing some application (MTA, mail store) support
mentioned at one time. These sorts of attributes might be nice to
if and when that happens.


Is there any chance you can submit what you have done in the form of a
ticket with attached patches?

As I have not upgraded to 2.2 yet, I had to patch against 2.1.4. Ticket
is 2863.


Thank you for the ticket.
I think it would be OK to attach existing patch anyways for now.
What are your plans regarding upgrading to 2.2 and rebasing the patches?

I see that RHEL 6.3 was released yesterday so we will start testing
2.2 soon. Once we upgrade, I'll rebase patches to 2.2 and attach to
existing ticket. Is this something that might be included at some


In general yes, but devil is in details.

It should be pretty straightforward to rebase these.

I wonder about the objectclass. It would also be possible to add it
on-the-fly by adding a bit of code to the pre_callback() of user_mod and

The basic idea would be:


if 'mailalternateaddress' in entry_attrs:
    entry_attrs['objectclass'] =

I do the list/set bit in case anyone adds mailRecipient to the default list

Something similar in user_mod, there is similar code to do this for
'ipasshpubkey'. Might be worthwhile to make this into its own function.

This sounds really neat! It sounds like you are adding the
mailRecipient objectclass if you find mailalternateaddress? Is this so
if you add this attribute with the CLI, that objectclass will also be
added? I'm curious because I had to actually add the mailRecipient
objectclass just to be able to add mailAlternateAddress as I don't
believe it is in any of the default objectclasses. I was OK with that
because not all of our entries require this so I actually base my
directory queries on whether or not mailRecipient exists.


Right, this makes it more automatic so you don't also have to use --addattr objectclass=mailRecipient or some other mechanism to add the objectclass too.


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