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> In fact, Netapp is (sadly to say) the only NFSv4 server in the whole world
> that can provide you with a true NFSv4 ACLs (remember to turn them on
> using options nfs.v4.acl = on).
> The nasty hack Rob mentioned will only provide you with POSIX Acls mapped
> to the NFSv4 acls - which will consequently cripple down the whole ACLs
> the NFS server is providing.
> So if you want a nice, fully fledged NFSv4 ACLs, go to Netapp or Solaris
> based NFSv4 server. Forget about Linux.

ok, thanks for confirming what I was already thinking. We do have Netapp
(and very happy customers, I must say).

When you say 'Solaris based' do you mean nexenta/openindiana? That still is
a very nice choice to have, it would be great to have a linux based one,
but still.

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