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    In fact, Netapp is (sadly to say) the only NFSv4 server in the whole world
    that can provide you with a true NFSv4 ACLs (remember to turn them on
    using options nfs.v4.acl = on).
    The nasty hack Rob mentioned will only provide you with POSIX Acls mapped
    to the NFSv4 acls - which will consequently cripple down the whole ACLs
    the NFS server is providing.

    So if you want a nice, fully fledged NFSv4 ACLs, go to Netapp or Solaris
    based NFSv4 server. Forget about Linux.

ok, thanks for confirming what I was already thinking. We do have Netapp (and 
very happy customers, I must say).

When you say 'Solaris based' do you mean nexenta/openindiana? That still is a very nice choice to have, it would be great to have a linux based one, but still.

The real problem is that no Linux filesystem I am aware of can store NFSv4 ACLs natively - there are some patches for ext4 but I doubt they did make its way for the production. The future seems to be richacl friendly filesystem, but I do not know anything about it, too.

The only filesystem that can store NFSv4 ACLs is Suns ZFS so hence you should be able to built your own NFS server based on OpenSolaris or some clones.

Actually, you might want to check this:
to see if your kernel has this patch - if yes, there is quite a good chance you 
could do it on Linux, too.


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