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Hi All,

Is there a weird restriction to UID 999 in ipa, as IPA keeps changing the UID when I add a user with that number? (I've already checked the
UID isn't in use)
We use 999 as a marker for DNA plugin. UID/GID 999 is replaced by
an allocated one with the help of the 389-ds plugin

The documentation mentions that the magic value can be a word
("magic"), or it doesn't have to exist at all (it's added for
objectClass:posixAccount entries). Is there a reason IPA is using 999
uidNumber and gidNumber field use integer value syntax:
OID value:

OID description:
Values in this syntax are encoded as the decimal representation of their
values, with each decimal digit represented by the its character
equivalent. So the number 1321 is represented by the character string
So, you can't have string there that does not evaluate to integer.

That's true, but according to the documentation you linked,
uidNumber/gidNumber syntax doesn't matter.
The dnaMagicRegen field is in fact a DirectoryString. I assume the DNA
plugin sees and modifies the value before it's validated as an integer.
I wouldn't trust this, as DNA was initially designed/implemented before
we added syntax validation to 389.  DNA was also written to be able to
work with non integer attributes, where values have some sort of prefix
followed by an integer (such as "user1", "user2", etc.).  For this
reason, dnaMagicRegen was left as "Directory String" syntax.  I
personally feel that it is safer to have the magic value be
syntactically valid for the attribute that DNA is configured to generate.

Best go with a negative number then.
The DS docs should be updated if you don't trust what they say, though.
I should have been a bit more clear. I believe that the core 389 DS code does handle replacing the magic value before the syntax is checked, but we have encountered issues with client applications trying to enforce syntax before the server receives the operation. An example of this is the 389-console application (which FreeIPA doesn't use). The Console knows that the uidNumber attribute is defined to use the Integer syntax, so the UI field is validated before it can be submitted to the server. Other client applications may do similar things by looking up the schema definitions on the server and trying to do some client-side validation. This sort of behavior prevents the ability to trigger DNA if the magic value does not meet the syntax requirements of the attribute. Again, this may not affect FreeIPA, but I wanted to provide a bit of background.

On 06/29/2012 04:23 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> Looks like you are right:
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.directory.user/10641
> We would have issue on our side when using non-integer value as Int()
> parameter does not support non-integer values. However, we could select
> some negative value as default one and use the same value for DNA
> configuration.

The value can be optional, the server can fill in the default if it's not received from the client.

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