Phyo Kyaw wrote:
Dear all,

server ipa-server-2.1.3-9.el6.x86_64

This is probably a question for to Directory 389 users, but..

I would like to chain (not master to master replication) users of two
or more IPA servers. The first thing I did was trying to chain the IPA
389-ds servers by setting up chaining entries. The chaining entries
work out the box on standard 389-DS, but on IPA 389-ds it won't start
after adding ldap suffixes. The 389-ds error log only shows

[05/Jul/2012:15:00:33 +0000] - Detected Disorderly Shutdown last time
Directory Server was running, recovering database.

Suffix entry

dn:cn=cn\3Dexample\2Cdc\3Dcom,cn=mapping tree,cn=config

Just wondering if FreeIPA has some other configuration or plugin that
prevents/conflicts 389-DS to start. I am guess chaining is something
if we have two or more IPAs in one infrastructure.

I don't know why this would cause the server to not start but IPA doesn't support read-only replicas at this time. What is it you are trying to achieve?


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