Hi all,

Having just spent an hour debugging this during my centos6.2 to
centos6.3 updates here's a heads up for others and a correction to the
documentation at docs.redhat.com ....

The update to sudo mentioned changed sudo to use /etc/sudo-ldap.conf
for a ldap-backed sudo configuration instead of /etc/nslcd.conf but
did not copy an existing /etc/nslcd.conf into this new file and
consequently disabled ldap-backed sudo.

The documentation in 13.4.2 still refers to /etc/nslcd.conf for RHEL6
based systems - which is obviously incorrect now....

This documentation would probably be best to have a note added that
between 6.2 and 6.3 (or even specify the sudo revisions) that the
configuration file has changed.


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