I am by no means an expert either, but I believe what you are recommending would forward requests for "myzone.tld" to the ip.of.forwarder1 etc. I want ipaserver1 to actually be a slave (do AXFR / IXFR -- hold all the data) of "myzone.tld", and have ipaserver2 slave this data from ipaserver1.


On 13-Jul-12, at 5:11 PM, KodaK wrote:

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 3:13 PM, Michael Mercier <mmerc...@gmail.com> wrote:

When using IPA 2.2.0 with DNS setup (--setup-dns), is there any issues with adding slaves to the named.conf file?

example on ipaserver1:

zone "myzone.tld" {
       type slave;
       file "slave/myzone.db"
       masters { u.x.y.z;  w.x.y.z; };
       allow-notify { u.x.y.z;  w.x.y.z; };
       also-notify { ipaserver2 };

I'm no expert, but I think you'd want to use the command line option

ipa dnsconfig-mod --forwarder=ip.of.forwarder1;ip.of.forwarder2 myzone.tld

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