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I had huge memory issues pre 6.3, now its low and flat....Sounds
have an issue somewhere. My normal cpu use is a few hundred
"something" goes wrong such as replication failing that
memory use....

Yes, I saw your conversation with Rich on this list about that. And,
yes, 6.2 (2.1.3) was bad for me too. I'm not sure why 2.2.0 is still
having issues. It was an upgrade from 2.1.3, but the upgrade seemed
complete without issue. I'm also not even doing replication yet so
not sure why memory is so high. Web interface is much slower too so
perhaps something else is wrong.

Can you tell where it is being slow? Does it seem related to
from LDAP?

I'm not really sure yet what is causing the slowness. I have the same
number of directory entries as before the upgrade. It was very quick
with 2.1.3, but once I upgraded, I felt like I was back to the pre-2.0
days--without a doubt much, much slower.

You might check your 389-ds access logs and look for searches with
Perhaps you are missing an index.

Yes there are lots of notes=U. What does this mean? Was something
missed in the upgrade script?

Try running

Nice! I'm guessing that notes=U are unindexed searches then. I have 34
over the last 24 hours so I'm not sure this would be causing the issue
as the slowness persists through every click.

Yeah, I would expect to see a lot more than 34 if that were the cause.

Can you post the search filters that are unindexed?

Sure, here's a partial list (sanitized):






All the rest are the same, just with different hosts.

I've traced the
unindexed searches back to the time of Web UI access and they don't
match. I also don't see any other obvious errors when running

One strange thing I have noticed is that the 389 server logs seem to
update in "spurts". If I'm tailing the logs while I access a Web UI
page, there is nothing, then a couple of seconds later, I see the logs
quickly scroll with new entires. Has this always been the case? I
don't seem to remember this before.

Yes.  The 389 access log is buffered, for performance reasons.

Just thought it might be relevant. I'm not sure what is causing the
extreme slowness. I've also shut off memcached and tried without it
with no discernible difference. The directory seems to be handling the
load of external queries just fine, although I'm not sure I've solved
the memory issue--I'm still testing with the compat plugin disabled to
see if I can stop the memory creep. Maybe it's something in the code
of the Web UI itself as its even slow when changing from page to page
of users and hosts.

Shutting of memcached is just going to make things even slower.

I really didn't see much difference so I turned it back on right away.

Things you can try on a quiet system:

1. Create /etc/ipa/server.conf:


Restart Apache

Use the UI to do a few things. Verify in the logs that the session cache is
being used.

Yes, it is. It's interesting, 2.2 is slower such that you can see the
frame load, and then the loading symbol spins below in the display
area for a few seconds while that loads up. Before, with 2.1.3, you
really couldn't distinguish the two as they loaded so quickly.

A lot of what gets loaded a just big javascript files. I wonder if there is a DNS problem, that would explain the slowness. The javascript and much of the UI is completely unprotected by anything.

2. Check your browser configuration. You don't need delegation-uris set any
more. Having it set might mask other problems (you still need
negotiation-auth.trusted-uris set).

I forgot about this. I changed it, completely cleared the browser
cache and accessed without any noticeable difference.

3. Watch what URI is being used in the Apache access log. It should be

Check. this is where it lands.

I'm beginning to think this is just the Web UI itself instead of 389
although it is really difficult to tell. I've poured over the debug
logs and didn't see anything that caused me concern.

It's certainly usable, but I just got really spoiled by the
unbelievable quickness of 2.1.3. When your release notes indicate it
should be faster, what are you comparing it to? Maybe this only
happens with upgraded instances and not fresh installs.

It is always possible something didn't get upgraded properly but I've done 2.1.3 -> 2.2.0 upgrades and haven't seen this. When we say something is faster we're always referring to the previous version (or versions).

Since sessions are being used the only bottleneck should be 389-ds and our massaging of that data. The only thing that should be slow is the retrieval of actual data. The pages themselves should return and be rendered fairly quickly and the data should follow shortly. If everything is slower then it is something else (network, DNS, browser, etc).

You might try creating a new browser profile to rule things out.


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