Actually this for me anyway is exactly what IPA should be for....its security,  
its centrally managed and it saves workload.

Doing this across 200+ servers needs to be centralised or IPA becomes 
pointless, very limited ie one point password, add and remove users (oh big 
deal I can use salt to do that in effect). As I'd have to do IPA stuff and then 
local....its saves me little if anything in work / automation.

Now if it doesn't do this well OK, but half my problem is determining what IPA 
can and cant do, the devil is in the detail as they say.


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You can lock that down in the sudoers config and you can lock the su 
permissions to the wheel group via the local configuration files in 
/etc/security or via the pam module. either way you need to add in 
configuration file managment, which is not what freeipa is for.

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