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I'm beginning to think this is just the Web UI itself instead of 389
although it is really difficult to tell. I've poured over the debug
logs and didn't see anything that caused me concern.

It's certainly usable, but I just got really spoiled by the
unbelievable quickness of 2.1.3. When your release notes indicate it
should be faster, what are you comparing it to? Maybe this only
happens with upgraded instances and not fresh installs.

It is always possible something didn't get upgraded properly but I've done
2.1.3 -> 2.2.0 upgrades and haven't seen this. When we say something is
faster we're always referring to the previous version (or versions).

Maybe I was just lucky with 2.1.3. On a first load it might take some
time to load the "frame" as I call it. But the data would load almost
instantaneously from there (certainly no more than 1 s) as you moved
from page to page. Here, even if I return to the same page, the system
acts as if the data is begin fetched for the very first time as it is
no faster than the first load. Maybe that is significant to the

I think the culprit is Web UI paging capabilities introduced in 2.2. With lot of users, responses might grow in size. You can check their size and duration in browser developers tools. I suggest chrome/chromium - press F12 and choose 'network' tab.

This new feature can't be disabled in configuration. To test if the slowdown is done by paging you can (at own risk) replace line /usr/share/ipa/ui/facet.js:538

that.pagination = spec.pagination === undefined ? true : spec.pagination;


that.pagination = false;

Note: It will break some other parts of the UI - so for testing only.


Petr Vobornik

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