Hi everyone,

Is it possible to create a cross domain trust between two IPA servers? I
would have thought FreeIPA would have dealt with this use case first rather
than jump directly into integrating with AD.

The reason for this is because your more likely to have satellite sites of
Redhat servers you want to manage.

Example of this is shown below.

You require user details to be separated for two separate organizations
that merge together. In the interim period or permanently you may want
members data to be stored in the two separate Realms for either legal
reasons or for company structure reasons (Management). As you do this quiet
freqently with Microsoft AD environments when corporations merge or buy one
another out. Or a parent company buys a smaller company but want to hook
the two systems together with out merging them completely to keep the
companies identity and major operations separate.

Is there anyway to do this with two IPA servers?

Johnathan Phan

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