Yeah, that probably wasn't very clear...

Original - IPA instance w/ DNS, and no Dogtag
Replica - IPA instance w/ DNS, and no Dogtag

On 8/8/12 3:34 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rolf Brusletto wrote:
We had a rather severe issue last night on our primary IPA server(ver
2.2.0), but the replica is still happily plugging along, which very
nice. My question is, there is very, very little I can do with the
'master'. From what I've read, there ins't any replicaton, and I just
want to verify that a replica is just another master, assuming you're
not using the CA option. If so, when I rebuild the primary server, do I
just configure it to be a replica to what was the secondary?

Just to be clear, you installed the original server with a dogtag CA installed? And then you created a replica but didn't configure a CA on it?


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