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> Hi Dmitri,
> That is the doc I don't understand.
> I mean, if I follow those directions, it should just work?
> But where do the automaps come from once I switch over to LDAP? How to
> I administrate the mappings for things like host based automounts? The
> doc doesn't mention any of that.

Hi Aaron,

you can either define the maps from the ground up using the ipa
automount-* admin commands or import the file-based automount mappings
using the automountlocation-import command. See

    ipa automountlocation-import --help

for more info.

The client setup should be pretty straightforward if you're using IPA --
it should be enough to specify your location. There is a default
location conveniently named "default" in the stock IPA server

> I have /etc/auto.*  based automount working and I'm worried I'll break
> it if I mess up the switch over to the FreeIPA based mappings.

Well, if you already have the setup working, then I think the simplest
way to test things is just to:
    1) import the mappings to IPA
    2) back up the file-based mappings (/etc/auto.master and related)
    3) switch to using "files sss" as the data source in
       /etc/nsswitch.conf and make sure the client setup is correct.
    4) comment out or remove the file-based mappings in /etc/auto.master
       to make sure the IPA mappings are being queries
    5) test the setup. If it doesn't work for one reason or another, it
       would be quite simple to revert using only "files" as the data
       source in /etc/nsswitch.conf and restoring auto.master.

I wrote a simple tutorial on the client side of the setup a while ago:

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