I apologize in advance for not having very much information to go on.

We have exactly 100 hosts in IPA right now.  On occasion, maybe once
or twice a day, all authentication just pauses for some amount of
time.  It can range from just a few seconds to about 30 seconds.  I
can see this happen, I can be doing an "su" on one box and an ssh into
another, and people will yell over the cube walls that "it's happening
again" but after a few seconds everything will start flowing again.

I've been watching logs and I don't see anything that's corresponding
with these events, but I'm willing to take any advice at the moment.

What *could* cause something like this?  Does replication block
authentication (I can't imagine that it does.)  I'm absolutely sure I
have something misconfigured, but I don't even know where to start on
this one.

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