Lucas Yamanishi wrote:

On 08/16/2012 05:39 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Lucas Yamanishi wrote:

On 08/16/2012 05:32 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Lucas Yamanishi wrote:
I just migrated my IPA instance from one to another a couple days
ago to
recover after a lost CA and failed yum upgrade.  The "ipa migrate-ds"
tool works very well, though I am having a few very minor issues.  On
the upside, as far as I can tell, you can skip the steps about Kerberos
key generation as outlined in the documentation.  I've been able to
kinit just fine with my migrated users.

Below are the few errors I've noticed.

* When I ssh into an enrolled host using a migrated user's
credentials I
get this error:

     id: cannot find name for group ID 104600003\

Does a group exist with that GID? You can try something like:

$ ipa group-find --gid=104600003

The group doesn't exist.  The GID is the counterpart to my UID.

Try adding --private.


Nope. It doesn't exist.

Other groups migrated.  Why would the private groups fail?

I don't know, what have you done to date, including versions?


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