James James wrote:

my first question is about the migrate process. Is it possible to
renumber the users during the migrate process (ipa migrate-ds) in a way
that all imported users will have a new UID ?

I haven't tested this but you might try --user-ignore-attribute=uidnumber,gidnumber.

my second question is about ipalib. I wanted to make a hook on the user
creation. The hook works fine. I just want to know if there is a way to
have the value of variables like the username, the name of the creator,
the e-mail of the creator and stuff like that.

The current user is available via: principal = getattr(context, 'principal')

Using this you can look up that user:

(binddn, bindattrs) = find_entry_by_attr("krbprincipalname", principal, "krbPrincipalAux")


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