OK - thanks.
But is there any way IPA can be tweaked to do this without an "external"
product (albeit a Red Hat one)?  Is it possible for the sssd clients to
round-robin their requests between 2 or more servers?  Is this an sssd
question or generic enough to be in this list?  Would this
functionallity be of use to freeIPA in general? (my view = yes)
Duncan Innes | Linux Architect


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        Subject: [Freeipa-users] Specifying load balancing to SSSD
        Hopefully this isn't a dumb question, but I'm constrained by a
        things on my estate and would be looking to deploy something
like the
        2 Datacentres
        2 IPA servers at each datacentre
        ipa1.domain.com \_ datacentre A
        ipa2.domain.com /
        ipa3.domain.com \_ datacentre B
        ipa4.domain.com /
        The datacentres are linekd, but bandwidth not great.
        Client's in datacentre A should therefore use ipa1.domain.com
        ipa2.domain.com as primary servers and only fail over to ipa3 &
        when both 1 & 2 are out of action.  Clients would revert to
        ipa1/ipa2 whenever either of them came back online.
        I understand this configuration has already been done as part of
        What I'm wondering is if I can force my clients to load balance
        communication between ipa1 & ipa2.
        I don't have the ability to use the _srv_ records in DNS as
that's set
        up for the AD servers on our network.  I also can't create
separate DNS
        servers for the Linux estate (not that I'd particularly want
        Is there any current configuration that I can use to force load
        balancing between ipa1/ipa2 under ideal conditions.  Falling
back to
        ipa2 when ipa1 is out of action.  Falling back to (load balanced
        perhaps?) ipa3/ipa4 when ipa1 & ipa2 are both out of action.
        Hope the description is reasonable.
        Duncan Innes | Linux Architect

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