Michael Mercier wrote:

In Aug 2010, someone posted a message to this list about integrating
tacacs+ with freeipa

At the time, it was mentioned that this was not on the roadmap, has this

No, still not on the roadmap.

If RedHat has no plans to do this, where can I find the freeipa
documentation that would allow me to do a proof-of-concept?  I would use
the freely available tac_plus (http://www.shrubbery.net/tac_plus/) as a
staring point.

http://freeipa.org/page/Contribute (in Developer Documentation and Developement Process) and

Some of the specific things I am looking for:
1.  How should passwords be verified?  sssd, pam, ldap lookup, krb?
2.  How the ldap schema should be designed for best integration?

I'd start by seeing if there is already one defined as a real or quasi standard.

3.  The proper way to query the ldap server (standard ldap calls or is
there some specific freeipa api)

Standard LDAP calls.

4.  I am sure I am not asking something!!

I tried asking some similar questions on freeipa-devel but didn't
receive a response.


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