Steven Jones wrote:

Im trying to fault find why a user can sudo su - on a server but not its

I have nisdoaminnamae in rc.local.....
and sudo-ldap.conf and nsswitch.conf appear to be identical but the
hostname match fails.

So for the working server,
sudo: ldap sudoHost '+servers-saas-root' ... MATCH!
sudo: ldap sudoCommand '/bin/su -' ... MATCH!
sudo: ldap sudoCommand '/bin/su - banner' ... MATCH!
sudo: Command allowed sudo: user_matches=1 sudo: host_matches=1

For the failing server,
sudo: ldap sudoHost '+servers-saas-root' ... not
sudo: ldap search 'sudoUser=+*'
sudo: user_matches=1
sudo: host_matches=0

I have a host failure, yet the server is in that host group...the HBAC
rule allows ssh and sudo....ssh works for both, so HBAC rule should be OK.

The sudo command uses the same user and host groups as the HBAC...

Damned if I can see a setup error.

Ideas where to go looking next please?

Try temporarily enabling the allow_all HBAC rule so you can see if it is an HBAC or a sudo problem?


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