Hello all,

Within our organisation, we use IBM Tivoli Identity Manager connectors to
provision user/group onto all our different type of system. Currently there
is as many connectors as we have unix box. As each unix box use local auth,
we use ITIM to push user/group to local files...We are investigating IPA
since a while, and now we wonder if a regular LDAP connector from IBM
Tivoli Identity manager could be use to feed IPA so we would have one
connector to manage our UNIX box via IPA. Our security folks would continue
to have one single interface to do user/group provisionning.

I found out that there is already an IITIM LDAP connector available, but
Is there such thing as ldap interface to manage ipa?
Or is the only way to get ITIM to manage IPA would be  via new connector
build from remote ipa command lines?

Thank you!

Sylvain Angers
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