On 09/03/2012 06:00 PM, george he wrote:
Hello all,

I'm trying to reinstall myipaclient so I did ipa-client-install
--uninstall on my client, but when I try to do
ipa host-del on the sever, I got the following error:

ipa: ERROR: Certificate operation cannot be completed: Unable to
communicate with CMS (Not Found)

What does it mean, and how do I fix this?
ps, both the server and the client are centos 6.3

I'm guessing the configuration option that specifies where to locate your CA was lost. Check and see if ca_host is defined in any of the .conf files under /etc/ipa, if so is it the correct host? If not then the server will assume it's co-located on the same machine. Is your CA on the same machine as your IPA server?

One other thing to check, is the CA running? Do an ipactl status to verify or an ipactl restart.

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