Hi all,

This is another issue I'm having with another ipa client.
Both the sever and the client are centos 6.3
The client was configured all right. I was able to log on at a point.
but then after the screen was auto-locked over the night, I cannot log on any 
If I try on the console, it says "system error" and return to the locked screen.
If I try ssh myclient, it says "Connection closed by myclient".

This is what in /var/log/secure
Sep  4 13:57:52 localhost sshd[4208]: Authorized to jhe, krb5 principal 
j...@psych.yale.edu (krb5_kuserok)
Sep  4 13:57:52 localhost sshd[4208]: pam_sss(sshd:account): Access denied for 
user jhe: 4 (System error)
Sep  4 13:57:52 localhost sshd[4209]: fatal: Access denied for user jhe by PAM 
account configuration

What do I do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,
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