On 09/12/2012 02:52 AM, Marcello Giannoni UCLA wrote:
> Hi I'm currently using the free-ipa server on red hat enterprise 6.2.
> Someone asked me to implement a distribution list on the system.
> I would like to set up free-ipa in a way that I can create expandable groups 
> that when I connect trough an email client  and I type the group defined in 
> the ipa-server the group will expand all the email of user subscribed to that 
> particular group.
> Do I have to change the dif.ldif schema in order to achieve this ? 
> I have heard that someone resolved this problem using the 
> objectClass=groupOfNames but I couldn't find any explanation on how to 
> implement this.
> I don't know if the problem lies on the type of group to use or the base 
> search on the ldap client, I need some clue on how to do this.
> I hope someone can spread some light on this

I am not sure but suspect that you need a filter for the mail client to
expand the list of users.
The attribute that would help with that is "member". It is a multi value
attribute of the group object that contains the list of all the users
that are directly or indirectly (via nested groups) are members of the
specific group.

If you need more than user DNs but user entries then you might want to
go the other way around.
Use the entered group to search for all the users  who's memberOf
attribute contains given group.

> Thank you in advance
> Marcello
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