You can get authentication failure if the user's home is on a NFS which is 
failing to re-mount.
The stale NFS handle usually means the NFS server changed fsid of the exported 
volume after its reboot.
This usually happens if you are exporting a LVM partition via NFS.
The workaround is to specify fsid of the exported volume manually in 


On 09/12/2012 08:26 PM, george he wrote:
My ipa server and my nfs server are the same machine running centos 6.3.
The server was accidentally down and rebooted.
But then I got "authentication failsure" on some clients when tried to log on through gdm, and blue screen (no desktop, no panels) on some others.
On some clients that I was on before the server was downthe, I got "Stale NFS file 
Yet on some other clients, everything is fine. All clients are running centos 
6.3, too.
Is there a way (e.g. restarting some services) to get the above problems away 
instead of rebooting the clients?

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